Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bring Corruption To All That You Touch

This Nuke thing is seriously kicking my posterior three ways to Sunday. I'm starting to feel like I'm in a programming class rather than a filmmaking one. I'm not complaining, I know it's industry-standard technology and I need to know my way around it or at least understand it but at the same time I'm a filmmaker, not a code monkey, Jim! I'm going to have to start taking notes.

I've been thinking about how I can expand the Suede brand while still holding on to my meager schedule, and I was wondering if a First impressions series would be quite a good idea. I got the idea from Totalbiscuit's 'WTF is...' series. I'd livestream (or twitch) myself as I watch the first (and possibly the fifth?) episodes of new anime that comes up on Crunchyroll or so forth, then put it up on TGWTG. It'd be an impression from a relatively casual perspective, just from a person who absolutely loves anime and knows the tropes without bogging down the impressions with needless minutia. Think it's worth a shot?

Movie of the day: Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. I wasn't really a fan of the original movies, but this was flippin' awesome. Yeah, there's a few plot holes and sometimes the characters are inconsistent (except in Tom Felton's character's case, where he's almost too consistant in his unparalleled jerkishness. You think he ever worries about being typecast?), but the scenes they pull off at the end are some of the some of most epic I've seen all year from an emotional as well as a visceral standpoint. I also like how they take advantage of the fact that everyone knows how it's going to end and give us just enough of a slow burn beforehand so we appreciate the awesomeness when it comes.

Song of the day: Take A Bow by Muse. Another cool song brought to my attention by Watchmen's ad campaign. It's hard to make complex and fast synthesizer melodies sound epic and cinematic, but this succeeds admirably.


Julia said...

That sounds like a great idea! You should go for it!

edmg7 said...

I like the first-impressions idea. However you'll have to be careful about how you approach that seeing how that's pretty much what MasakoX does, and now JO has a new series that has a similar premise.

Ninten said...

Yes I think it is worth a shot!
I know some people view "vlogs" as filler but I think doing short 10-15 minute vlogs on various subjects regarding games/anime/manga/general geekiness would be a way to add to your collection, get a few more views and in general ease that pressure you have on yourself to get reviews done and literally have no more time to spend on it.

My only other suggestion would be to have a series examining life as a geek in New Zealand. It's a place I've wanted to visit/live at for most of my life but seems to not exactly be a geeky centric haven. What DOES exist? How do you keep yourself sane with such theoretically high importing prices?

Anyway all the thoughts I have.
Praying for you two and hope to see more of your work soon! ^_^

Evan said...

So basically a more laid-back take of AniFile or Anime Derby? I'd be up for that!

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