Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We Killed Some Boredom, Didn't We?

Now today was a day I could get behind! We finally dug into Nuke today. It scared the crap out of me and has a very, very steep learning curve, but it also wasn't quite as intimidating as I remember it being when I opened it in the past. Best part about the whole thing is that I don't and can't have a copy of it on my home computer, so afternoons have freed up a bit! Speaking of freeing up, I also probably made the most progress towards finishing the next Pokemon review yet - And I didn't even touch the footage! This afternoon I got tired of my upturned nuclear reactor of a computer, and I purged it. I gave it an inquisition to rival the Vatican and those files which failed to withstand my piercing gaze were exiled with extreme prejudice  It felt soo gooood... There's something severely inspiring about a clean, fresh hard drive and an empty, inviting desktop. Lemme at that review! I'll Moiderise it!

Movie of the day: Death Note. This is the live action movies, not the anime. I say movies because come on, the first one might as well be called To Be Continued: The Movie. They got away with 90-minute episodes in Sherlock, why couldn't they have done the same with this? I definitely think this does a very admirable job of distilling the essence of the show. You can tell that they wanted to reach people who hadn't seen the show rather make it a 5-hour pander-fest, and I can respect that. I actually know a couple who hadn't seen the anime who really enjoyed the movies, so mission accomplished, I guess. I also like how we actually got a real final confrontation between L and Light, rather than what we got in the anime. All in all it's a good else-worlds story.

Song of the day: Shimi by Maximum The Hormone. Got into these guys after they did the second opening for Death Note, and this song pretty much sums up why they fascinate me so. Hannah Montana meets Rob Zombie in Tokyo. Now you have to try it.


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