Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From Sundown To Sunset

Today was soul-destroying. though not through any kind of emotional or stress-related trauma. It was just horrifically hot today for no good reason, it had no precedence whatsoever. We get that sometimes in New Zealand, There aren't really 'seasons' so much as 'weeks'. Heck, sometimes we even change season from day to day. Today, though... I haven't felt such an oppressive blanket of damp heat for months, I just hope it doesn't last. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Crunch time for the con is coming, poor Jess is knocking herself out making keychains and the like. I'll show some pictures closer to the date.

I'm really enjoying Dawnguard so far, and I'm not even playing as a vampire lord! It's a really intriguing campaign with awesome locales. I had actually always wondered where souls go after you use a soul gem, and there you go! A hellish limbo dimension for all eternity. Well now I feel like a jerk. Thanks Bethesda.

Movie of the day: Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. Yes, yes, "too bad it wasn't really the 'last' crusade..." we all know it, but honestly I saw this one first and I loved it so much that the first indy was kind of underwhelming by comparison when I finally saw it. The trials at the end in particular are pure adventuring gold. Sean Connery, why did you leave us so soon?

Song of the day: California Soul by Marlena Shaw. I love how cinematic this song is. Motown stylings with a quirky yet soulful vocalist. You can't help but put images to the song when you hear it.


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