Saturday, March 2, 2013

To See With Eyes Unclouded

Today was both productive and not productive, if that makes any sense. I spent most of the day either catching up on much needed sleep, planning for the week ahead and straining over the computer with my head in my hands trying desperately to over come my writer's block. You see, I'm going to try a new system now that I have a little bit of time and a rare opportunity: I'm going to start making my videos a month in advance and try to put out TWO videos a month! Don't get too excited, though, one of the two will be the next episode of the Suede Played series, but I really, really want to start getting videos out at a regular time, on a regular date. I'm seriously lagging behind in terms of organisation, and I want to be able to have that security of a schedule and a timeline.

You know, back in high school, I never would have thought I'd be desperately wanting a schedule in 7 years. It goes to show just how much your priorities change in that time. I just wish I'd forced myself to embrace that strict lifestyle. It may be more fun to just make up your own schedule on the fly, but believe me, it bites you back hard when you're furiously typing at 4am. Ending with fun is always, always better than beginning with it. Otherwise you end up writing in a stinking blog when you could be watching crunchyroll... Not that I don't love you guys! Hahahaha....

Movie of the day: Princess Mononoke. Probably the one Miyazaki film that skirts the razor's edge between PG-13 and R so hard there are scratches on the disc, this one is hardcore and can be pretty jarring to those who expect a Spirited Away or Ponyo level of whimsy. Decapitations, delimbings, parasitic worm monsters, lepers... If you can get past that shift in tone, it remains a wonderful film. I love how it is an environmental film at it's core, but it really shows both sides of the conflict in a sympathetic and also damning light equally.  Also interesting to see the clear inspiration for Xernias.

Song of the day: Suitor Attacks by Mikko Tarmia. This is perfect jogging music. Try it, you'll thank me. The arrangement is very good too, and nicely different to other pieces like it in it's genre.


edmg7 said...

Well it's good to know that you're planning things out like this, in a few months you'll have a little one who makes it difficult to plan anything else. I really do hope you can get stuff out on a regular basis, I know you're not that popular on the site but personally I enjoy the style your videos more than most of the others on CA.

Fusionater said...

have you ever considered doing mini-videos? You could review a new anime movie quickly or maybe say something topical. You could post these to fill in the spaces of your reviews. Also, for writers block, is it that you don't know what to write about, or that you can't write about something you have picked? If it's the former, maybe you could take some user suggestions? If it's the latter, maybe you could put together a top # list, and write about your picks in detail later? You gotta fight the block man. :p

Ninten said...

Good luck!
You can do it!
Every video you are able to put out is greatly don't let the stress drive you to writer's block.

Don't be afraid to step away when you need a break...we'll still be here! ^_^

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