Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another Day

Not too much to report on today, just more blasted Nuke and it's complexities. I know that for a compositing software it's actually quite user friendly, but that's very, very relative. After 4 hours of having my butt kicked by a machine I went home and took care of Jess, who's now in her second trimester, meaning that although she's not nauseous or physically sick as much, she's a lot more exhausted. Had to get a huge lot of groceries in less than an hour this evening (long story). It was almost kind of exciting, like a mission I had to complete in a time limit. It was then I realised how truly dorky I am.

Thanks for the comments, I'll certainly look into doing the first impressions. I want to set up a schedule starting next month which will provide content most weeks. First impression one week, Suede Played next week, proper review week after, etc. Here's hoping it works!

Movie of the day: Spartacus. Man, this movie is depressing, but I suppose that's the point. This is meant to be a great classic, and I can certainly see elements of that. The first act is intriguing and engaging, and you really want to see what happens... and then it does and it's somewhat anticlimactic (this is something Kubrick would do again in Full Metal Jacket later). It's one of those movies where you have to be accepting of the slow pace, at least in the second half, buut the music's great. I still don't know how anyone took Kirk douglas seriously with that friggin' great hole in his face, though! I guess it was a different time...

Song of the day: Sagaba by Blue Scholars. That might sound like a somewhat pretentious name for a rap group, and I'd be lying if I said that the mc didn't give off an arrogant tone in places, but god points are made, there's no swearing and I always like it when a nice melody is used in a backing track without it encroaching upon the lyrics.


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