Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Release The Heater!

It's starting to get cold. This means it suddenly becomes easier to rip my own teeth out than get out of bed. This'll be an interesting challenge for my resolve to have a better schedule.

Took Jess to the midwife today and we heard the heartbeat. It's darn freaky, but strangely compelling at the same time. I guess it's the genetics talking. Jess is actually planning to take a vacation to the USA before she's grounded for a fair while, of which I am insanely jealous. But, career comes first I suppose.

We actually stopped by the library on the way home! My gosh, every time I remember to visit that place I'm reminded of how stupid I am for forgetting about it. The local library actually has a very decent manga selection as well as a good choice of trade paperbacks for american comics and a great variety to choose from. Not to mention the checkout system is now fully self service, so no more awkward looks from the librarian! It's become the library I always dreamed about as a kid: A Borders bookstore where everything's free! For more information please consult your local library.

Movie of the day: Clash Of The Titans. This is almost the definition of a guilty pleasure movie. The plot is paper thin, the characters are negligible, but gosh darn it if doesn't seem like the big budget equivalent of  kids making a home movie, throwing in every cool thing they can think of. I can even forgive the bald-faced affronts to real greco-roman mythology simply through the fact that you can tell, easily, that they didn't care and they just wanted ever so badly to make a ludicrously fun movie. I can't say it succeeds spectacularly well in that, but you can just tell when a cast and crew had a ton of fun on a project, and unlike Ocean's 12 or 13, they actually want to let the audience in on it too. Only major gripe I had with it was that Perseus made it very clear from the start that he wanted to face Hades without ANY help from the gods, yet he still accepts Zeus' help multiple times by the end. That and the fact that he seems to hold no real grudge against Zeus even though the guy raped his mother. It's like Mirror's Edge, Seriously flawed but charming enough to have fun with.

Song of the day: Somebody To Love by Queen. Everybody hypes up Queen as these rock legends (which of course they are), but they always seem to ignore the phenomenal songwriting skill they had in standard pop as well. The beautiful lyricism and complexity of the harmonies and parts in this song make me wonder where they went in modern music. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of modern songs that I love to pieces but sheer creativity Queen brought can't be overstated.


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