Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm Going Where The Sun Keeps Shining

Today I was completely off my feet, didn't even have time for Skyrim. The horrors we lower middle class must endure... After a particularly busy day at school frantically trying to arrange DVD menus before crunch time, Jess and I set out to get every last detail ready for the con on Saturday (for us, friday for you guys). It seems simple on paper, we just had to go to the mall, grab some cotton balls and cellphone pendant chains, then go to the stationary store to get the drawings Jess was selling printed on high quality paper. This would all be fine and dandy, peachy keen, but it turns out everyone else in the entire city thought it would be fun to move their cars onto the road and stay there while we were trying to travel along it. All while the sun beat down on our not-even-a-little-bit air conditioned vehicle. We made it back in one piece (barely), so now all we have to worry about is whether we'll make our money back, it's actually quite scary. We invested a lot in this, I hope we'll a least break even...

Movie of the day: Run Lola Run. I'm not sure I can wholeheartedly recommend this one, it's so experimental you may as well call it I Just Got Out Of Film School And Somehow Got A Huge Budget: The Movie, but at the same time there's certainly a charm to it, and at the very least you can never say there's a dull moment. It's strange actually: it works as a thinking movie, but also as a turn-your-brain-off-movie. I also helps you appreciate it if you're not in a hurry! Just don't expect it to be normal, and set your faces to "wha...?"

Song of the day: Everybody's Talking At Me by Harry Nilsson. This one get's a mention for being the song in my head as I waited in traffic. It's an awesome road trip song, but it takes a bit more of a mournful tone if you're stuck in one spot while you listen to it. It's also a great song to sing along to at full volume when you're alone in the car. There's something so oddly serene about it.


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