Monday, March 4, 2013

I've Been Flying, Ain't No Denyin'

Well, today was certainly interesting! School of course was same old same old, we began the main project for the DVD module, which was to develop a DVD to house the showreel we'll be making at the end of the year. So far, so boring, but I received a wake up call when something wasn't expecting to happen, happened!

One of the ideas I had for the BIG PROJECT at the end of the year, wherein we have to write, produce, and to an extent finance our own short film, was to do an adaptation of a famous creepypasta (no, not slenderman!) found on the well regarded horror site The SCP Foundation. I, almost jokingly, sent a PM to the author of said story asking him if he'd let me do a short film based on his concept. Well, not three hours later, I found that not only was he fine with it, but he's also a fan of Suede! What a boost to my confidence, I'll tell you what! Now I have a new lease not only on the end-of-year project, but on the upcoming videos! Let me at 'em! Thanks, Mathew!

Movie of the day: Spirited Away. This is one of the most intriguing movies I've ever watched, but not for the reason you might think. I mentioned this in the Girl Who Leapt Through Time review, but I really didn't like it when I saw it. The designs were ugly, the plot went nowhere. Then, almost out of nowhere, once I finished the movie I had an inexplicable and involuntary "Good Feeling" that would not go away. I just felt so nice whenever I thought of the film, even though I wasn't impressed by it when I saw it. It's a bizarre phenomenon, and if anyone cracks the formula, the movie world is their oyster. So Miyazaki, basically.

Song of the day: Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. Although it's oversaturation in movie trailers may have spoiled this one a bit, but if you listen to the whole thing in one sitting, it really is glorious. Take on the world!


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