Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sketchbook Sunday, Part The Eighth (Con Edition)

Today will be a bit different, as I will be showing you not cans of my drawings, but pictures of the con we went to! There's still pics of Jess's commissions, too, so I'm justified in keeping the title.

These are the MLP keychains Jess made to sell. Ain't they cute?

These Plushies were made by Jess's sister to raise money for their next big trip. We had to bump the price of the regulars down to $45, but Pinkie remained at $80 and was still sold! I like the future Twilight one.

...and this is the commission station. Luckily we got plenty of requests. Now, where were we told to set all this up...?

A horse washing station. Christchurch used to have a wonderful, fully functional Convention centre, but after the big earthquake the convention not only had to scale itself down severely, but move to the Raceway stables. Not even kidding.

See? Whole convention was set up like this. Wanna know where we put the celebrities?

Stalls. Way to keep up the celebrity morale. guys. At least they got slightly comfier chairs.

Could've sworn this guy was an alt-costume Godot from Phoenix Wright 3, but apparently it's from an anime called Tiger and Bunny. Surprised they didn't get sued into oblivion by Capcom...

One of Jess's Commissions. Pretty good, but my favourite was...

...This one. It's a Hulk pony protecting a Bruce Banner pony. Gotta be prepared for =anything in the commission circuit...

Well, there you go! Now to erase it all from my memory and start working on the next Pokemon review properly. Here's to finishing it by the end of the week?

Movie of the day: The Elephant Man. My goodness, I haven't cried so much in a movie since I don't know when. Usually sad or emotional movies can get one or two blubbers out of me, but this one got four, I think! I must just be a sucker for triumph-of-the-human-spirit movies, Either that or this is a real hidden gem. It's directed by David Lynch, but aside from one or two brief surreal sequences (and the presence of dwarf actors), you really couldn't tell, it's also a very beautiful film in terms of cinematography, ironically (although that maybe a deliberate contrast, you never know). Definitely one to see if you want a good cry and/or to see a Lynch movie without the excessive Lynch-iness.  

Song of the day: The Elephant Connection by The Reborn Identity. This is a real oddity of a mashup (ha!), in that it has the vocals from a cover of "the rainbow connection" with the backing of the main theme from The Elephant Man. I'm not sure I like the idea of OST mashups, bu this one is very well done. It adds an entirely new twist to the song (musically and lyrically) and suits the movie perfectly. Maybe listen to it after watching the movie to avoid contamination.


Julia said...

ZOMG your wife drew Sylveon and Eevee?! Sweet!

But man, horse stalls? Jeez, they could have moved the con to somewhere more clean, like maybe a little school or something or a warehouse.

Tiger and Bunny has become VERY well known. All of my friends love it, though I'm personally not too fond of it.

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