Friday, March 22, 2013

It Can Make You Wonder Why

Hard at work on editing the review. Can't really give much more info, sorry. I actually had to make a 3D object in Maya today for the review, it was interesting seeing both how much I remember and how much I forgot. On Tuesday, all will be revealed. Now, back to work!

Movie of the day: Igor. I really wanted to like this movie, the design and preproduction is just wonderful, and it's a real underdog of an animated film. It's just a shame the script needed a ton of work, the comic timing was way off in too many places, and it pandered too much to the kids, which is weird because some of the material is freakin' dark! It's as if they really wanted to make a more-for-grown-ups family film in the vein of Coraline, but got a ton of executive meddling. I guess all I see when I watch it is what it could have been, and when you actually prefer the status quo at the beginning over the happy ending, something's gone wrong. Awesome design, though.

Song of the day: Bein Green by Joe Raposo. Look up the Ray Charles studio version of this song, that's my personal favourite for the raw emotion that's poured into it. There are two songs from the muppets that can still get an emotional response from me. The first is the Rainbow Connection, the second is this one. Unlike Rainbow connection, which can sound a bit hippy toady, Green has a real timelessness to it that's always able to pick me up when I'm depressed about my lot in life.


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