Friday, March 8, 2013

Sun, You've Got A Way To Fall...

The heat is ridiculous, it's only autumn, for pete's sake! Urgh... Today we presented the DVDs we worked on through the week, I put together a functional, no-frills menu system that received a functional, no-frills response but honestly, that's fine. I really have no interest in the DVD authoring side of the industry (probably just jinxed myself and caused the future me to work in a DVD authoring firm) and as long as I can put together a relatively professional looking DVD, I'll be fine. I was glad for what it taught me, though, now I can put commentaries and additional tracks on them! Hooray!

The con is tomorrow and both of us are incredibly nervous. Will we be well received? Will we make money? Will more than two people recognise me? Are we prepared enough? Welp, all that's left to do is find out. Report tomorrow!

Movie of the day: Witness For The Prosecution. Courtroom dramas are one of my absolute favourite genres and I don't even know why. It's the reason Phoenix Wright is one of my favourite series' of games, too, there's just something about the intrigue, mystery and the incredible ease in which twists can be revealed. This one is a very good example of a courtroom drama, with one of the most weirdly satisfying endings out there, mainly due to the fact that you think it's one of the worst endings ever, right until just before the credits. Can't expect much more from Agatha Christie! This is also good to see as a lesser-known Billy Wilder picture.

Song of the day: Way To Fall by Starsailor. Some of you may recognise this as the end credits song for Metal Gear Solid 3, and it's by far the best end song out of all the MGS's in my opinion (MGS4 being a close second), partly due to just how astoundingly on the nose it is with it's tone and lyrics (not to mention a flippin' sweet guitar solo!). The really weird thing was that it was discovered completely by accident; Hideo Kojima was recommended the new album by the band Stellastar, but he got the names mixed up and bought Love Is Here by Starsailor, where he found this song. You can't make this stuff up, folks!


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