Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sketchbook Sunday, Part The Tenth

Only a couple of sketches today, so I can get back to editing. i raaly need to snap the schedule back, doing the blog the day after really isn't working out.

This was the first time I realised I could do clothing decoration, I didn't even attempt it before this   and now I can't stop. The wings are a total fluke, haven't been able to draw decent ones since.

This is a near textbook example of my favorite character design style. Not overtly attractive but still slick and cool, sharp yet curved lines and anime-ESQUE without looking like a ripoff. nose is a bit big, but maybe that just adds character.

Movie of the day: Legend Of The Drunken Master. It might not be the absolute best classic Jackie Chan kung fu movie, but it's a good starting point (It's where I started) and it has a surprisingly good dub with Jackie himself dubbing himself. All that and of course, spectacular choreography with no stunt doubles. can't ask for much more in a mindless beat 'em up.

Song of the day: Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing) by Benny Goodman. You'll recognise this song as soon as you hear it, and then you'll want to dance. Involuntarily. It's one of those songs that are timeless in their head-bobability, and now you know the title.


Ai said...
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Allegra Puls said...

I really like the reaper clothing in the top one and, yes, wings are a pain in the aft-_- I haven't draw them in years but I'm gonna have to come back to them eventually since they're such a big motif in the animation world~ugh. But since your working so hard on your reviews &(somewhat)adding more good movies and music to my YT playlists everyday, I feel I should give you a little something in return until I can get some $ and/or anime to spare for donations. 1st music: Rasputin by Boney M(catchy little eurodisco pop tune that my friend showed to me and now I can't stop doing the Russia jig :'( and Spit it Out by IAMX(I don't know for sure what this song is trying to say but it still hits me with that strange combination of a caring yet eerie Beatles vibe and a hint of heavy emotion that all seems to come together nicely). And before I suggest a movie I have to say that your movies of the day(s) are strangely in line with my "want to see" list on RottenTomatoes. Last week I'd looked at the two Bollywood movies you suggested a couple days before you talked about them and early Sunday morning I start feeling nostalgic about Jackie Chan movies and here you are blogging about one of my favorites(SN: LotDM is a sequel to another JC movie from the 1980s called The Drunken Master, lots of that good, old Asian movie slapstick to go around XD)....I honestly don't know what to make of it 0.0 Movies: A Royal Affair(2012)(comes out on DVD this week). As a fan of costume dramas, I love and appreciate when filmmakers make a movie based on true events, make it as accurate as humanly possible, and it still turns out to be a very good film overall. It's also directed by the same guy who worked on the European version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo &, I'm sorry, I know a lot of people loved the American version but I thought it was trying way too hard to be a gothic James Bond-esque franchise when it shouldn't be(they even got Daniel Craig in the lead) and it just ended up looking messy and out of place(though I will agree that the actress who played Lisabeth fits the part like a glove). I do like the European version much more but I wouldn't suggest it right off the bat since it is brutally violent(involving torture and rape) so don't consider TGWtDT a suggestion unless you feel you can handle that in a movie(sorry I rant way too much TMT). And, finally, last suggestion: The Secret of Roan Inish(1994). It's an Irish film that completes the sense of childhood magical realism to an almost masterful degree and tells a bloody good story while doing it. I remember my mother giving me a bargain copy when I was five and I watch it everyday for a month afterwards :'( Welp, that was my long-as-a-Buddist-scroll two cents! Hope you enjoy the suggestions and I wish you the best with future reviews(the Pokemon 3 review was the awesomest creation I've ever seen dedicated to the fandom!!), school, and your's & Mrs. Suede's bundle of chubby cuteness on the way XD Good luck!

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