Saturday, March 16, 2013

Close My Eyes And Drift Away

Oh, my. Well, this is awkward. You see, sometimes for one reason or another I can't write my blog on the day, so I write it first thing in the morning. Funny thing is, first thing in the morning today meant 11 am! Haven't slept in that far since high school! Good thing it's Sunday... So there'll be two blogs up today, one for yesterday and the usual sketchbook sunday. That way I can still say I'm keeping my resolution, as I'm still writing an entry for each day. OK!

Yesterday I worked hard on Pokemon 3, and made some real headway. You want to know the hardest part about animating the talking heads? My flipping nose! You see, when I turn my gaze to look at Linkara (which happens quite a bit) you'll notice one of my pupils goes behind my nose, as perspective dictates. In order to achieve this without any jarring colours or complicated rigs I have to create a new channel, copy my head on to it and crop it so that only the nose part is visible, so the eye goes behind it convincingly. this might not seem like much, but setting it up every time I change expression takes time, which adds up. I also put a release date in the official TGWTG schedule, so now I have to keep it: March 26. Look out for it!

Movie of the day: Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. Or, as I like to call it, Stockholm Syndrome: The Musical. I know this is kind of untouchable as it's a good ol' fashioned musical where everyone completely ignores the plot for the fun singing and dancing, but man! It is so much a product of it's time. I freely admit that some of the songs are awesome and indeed toe-tapping, and the barn-raising sequence is one of the most dynamic sequences in an old-fashioned musical I've seen... It's just still a musical about guys kidnapping girls to marry and getting away with it with a slap on the wrist! Hey, maybe they should remake it as a horror musical a la Sweeney Todd!

Song of the day: Lazy Sunday by Small Faces. This is one of the oldest songs I remember, it was on an old CD my parents had (a 3 cd set of famous early 60's songs). I didn't even know it had an outro until I was 20! Wonderfully bouncy, gloriously optimistic and unashamedly lazy.


PLN9FOS said...

I'll confess that I haven't seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers except in a skit from Monty Python when they did an awkward stage rendition of it, but I'll have to check it out now for sure.

I don't know if you ever have people ask for your opinion on certain songs or not, Suede, but one band that doesn't really get much coverage despite their interesting style is Talking Heads. They're a fun new wave band from a while back with a great trippy sound to some of their songs; if you're interested, I'd recommend checking out some of their songs, such as Psycho Killer, Once in a Lifetime, or Burning Down the House.

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